Resigning this blog (sort of)

So, I made a Tumblr.
That doesn’t mean I’m leaving this blog behind, the longer posts will still be posted here too. But I’d like to make sure you guys know that I’m gonna focus my content somewhere else, and it is very likely that I post a lot more often there then I have been posting here, so be free to check it out. It’s got a slick colorful but comfortable layout, too.ūüėČ
I also made a profile on Polygon¬†to write about videogames, something I intend to start soon. If you’re into games, do check it out in a few weeks, it will be worth of your time.

Thanks everyone,

The Magician

New card for the deck. Will do more of those within next months.
Been doing it all digital lately.



Hey, listen! I found out what sketchbooks are made for! Sketchbooks are made for you to dump everything on your mind that does NOT relate with what you need to do at the moment into them, so you clear space to work properly. So I’ve been doing that.

Spying Dark Horses

So, my 1st gig with Dark Horse just came out in Dark Horse Presents magazine issue #14. It’s a short self-contained story about a spy who dreams to have a normal person’s life (or is it a normal person who dreams of having an exciting and thrilling life?).
It’s been getting good notes/reviews, and I advise you to check it out also for Kelly Sue DeConick’s and Carla Speed McNeil’s works, both which I’m a fan of. Actually, get it because it’s a pretty neat 104-page magazine.ūüėČ

Have a good one, everybody!

Dark Horse, Soap Opera, Robots and Fortune Telling

First things first! In July you’ll be able to see my 1st gig with Dark Horse Comics, in Dark Horse Presents Vol.2 #14.¬†Please pre-order that shit up if you will, it’s just a month away! Here’s a small panel tease:

DHP vol 2 #14

Also, since my last update, my graphic novel with Felipe Cunha, Hector Lima and Pablo Casado, Sabor Brasilis, now has a publisher here in Brazil! Also, there’s a website,¬†go there if you haven’t. It’s just in portuguese for now, but we intend to publish the book abroad. If you’re interested in a tragic comedy graphic novel about the four script writers of a very famous TV soap opera that have just a couple of weeks to solve the murder of the protagonist character – that the lead-writer schemed without anyone’s consent – at the same time they’re solving their lives complicated issues, let me know. We’re researching which countries to publish the thing once it comes out this Spring (Fall in the north hemisphere). Here’s a tease of my pages:

Sabor-Brasilis tease

Schematics, my webcomic with mr Felipe Cunha, is out! Check out the¬†1st page, it’s got Robots, leather jackets and googles! Check the cover down below:

Schematics Page

Last but not least, I’m doing this awesome tarot deck thing with a friend. Shame it’ll take so long…there’s a whole bunch of cards to do, and too many comics to attend to right now.

The Fool
"Knight of Swords - Conflict"

And that’s it for now, gotta keep working! Stay tuned, there’s a lot going on this next semester.

Warm-up dump 1

Just so you guys know…I’ve been doodling some loose warm-ups before going back to Sabor Brasilis. I’ll post them here as they come.

Learning process

I first started studying arts when I was 14 years old. Now I’m 25. Yesterday, as I do every year, I begun selecting the works that should remain in the box that I use to keep all my (printed/painted/drawn) works, and the ones that I should throw away because they don’t mean anything to me anymore or just don’t fit to that collection. Among them, something I forgot that was there: a plain paper sheet with 20¬†commandments. The 20 artist’s commandments. I remember writing that in my first day of art class with Joe Prado, the man about to be my teacher for 2 years more, and tought me almost everything I know. In case you don’t know him, check these, he’s a monster – and a very caring person. I can’t quite recall if those 20 commandments were just his or if the school had any hand in that, but they fit Joe’s character very well. Also, these sayings have kind of followed me since, and helped me become a better artist, writer and better person. If you’re one of the aforementioned, pay attention:

1) Always keep drawing.

2) Draw for fun.

3) Draw for obligation.

4) Practice without stop.

5) Respect opinions.

6) Listen to opinions.

7) Listen to opinions of those who know more than you.

8) Accept your limitations.

9) Study to overcome them.

10) Study anatomy.

11) Study perspective.

12) Study lighting.

13)  Study EVERYTHING.

14) Be humble.

15) Be disciplined.

16) Look – in reality – for the elements of your “fiction”.

17) Be open-minded.

18) Pay attention to the moment we’re living, it’s tendencies and trends.

19) Keep drawing, and never give up.

20) Nothing is impossible.


Thanks for everything, Joe!


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